ELHS is directed by an executive committee. Voting members are the elected officers: president, president-elect, secretary, secretary-elect, and treasurer. Non-voting members of the executive committee are the appointed newsletter editor(s), committee chairs, webmaster, and historian, elected regional representatives, past presidents.

Elected Officers:

President: Pierre Pepin
Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Centre
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
St. John’s, NL, Canada
President-Elect: Claire Paris
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
University of Miami
Miami, FL, USA
Secretary: Hannes Baumann
Department of Marine Sciences
University of Connecticut
Groton, CT, USA
Secretary-Elect: Alison Deary
Alaska Fisheries Science Center
National Marine Fisheries Service
Seattle, WA, USA
Treasurer: Jeff Buckel
Center for Marine Sciences and Technology
North Carolina State University
Morehead City, NC, USA

Appointed Officers:

Newsletter Editors:

Audrey Geffen
Department of Biology
University of Bergen

Cindy van Damme
Wageningen University
The Netherlands

Early Career Committee:

Alison Deary
Alaska Fisheries Science Center
National Marine Fisheries Service
Seattle, WA, USA

Marta Moyano
Institute for Hydrobiology and Fisheries Science
University of Hamburg


Webmaster: Klaus Huebert
Horn Point Laboratory
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Cambridge, MD, USA
Historian: Jeff Govoni
Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research
Beaufort, NC, USA

Regional Representatives:

Northcentral Region: Ed Roseman
USGS Great Lakes Science Center
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Northeast Region: Katey Marancik
Northeast Fisheries Science Center
National Marine Fisheries Service
Narragansett, RI, USA
Southern Region: Trika Gerard
Southeast Fisheries Science Center
National Marine Fisheries Service
Miami, FL, USA
Western Region: Dan Margulies
Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission
La Jolla, CA, USA
Pacific Rim Region: Akinori Takasuka
National Research Institute of Fisheries Science
Yokohama, Japan
European Region: Hubert Keckeis
Department Limnology and Oceanography
University of Vienna