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Lee Fuiman and Chris Chambers are circulating additional information regarding the 2017 LFC and JMIH.

Hi ELHS members,

If you are planning to attend the 41st annual Larval Fish Conference, or if you need a little more encouragement before you decide to attend, here is an update. The first part of the update is specific to the Larval Fish Conference. Following that is a lot of information about the overall meeting, which comes from the Joint Meeting of Ichthyology and Herpetology (JMIH) Meeting Management and Planning Committee (MMPC) after their visit to the meeting venue in Austin earlier this month. MMPC members: Marty Crump (Program Officer), Chip Cotton, Marlis Douglas, David Green, Henry Mushinsky (Chair), Kyle Piller, and Dustin Siegel. Brandi Nelson and Cara Richardson (Kansas State University) arranged the meeting. Below that is information specific to the Larval Fish Conference.


Lee Fuiman & Chris Chambers

The full announcement is available here. (PDF)


We have a new page about the Grace Klein-MacPhee Grant for student travel to the 2017 LFC.



Information about the 41st annual Larval Fish Conference is now online. The official announcement and Call for Abstracts by Chris Chambers and Lee Fuiman is available here. (PDF)



Caroline Bouchard is adverting a position in her group at Laval University. (Postdoctoral Research Fellowship – Arctic Marine Ecology)



Darrel Snyder announces a new larval fish guide: Cyprinid fish larvae and early juveniles of the Upper Colorado River Basin: morphological descriptions, comparisons, and computer‑interactive key. (PDF)